We're just getting started with these. Here are a few reviews so far—including a very notable one—for artists Elender Wall and Bryant Kong and The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld:


"Here is this woman with a wonderful voice singing my press conferences. Now, if that doesn't tell you something about the state of the world!"

—US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, commenting on the Rumsfeld CD to the Newspaper Association of America, Apr. 22, 2004. Someone at the Pentagon had ordered the CD and given it to him.


"Lithe and witty art songs...executed with free-spirited bravura by soprano Elender Wall with the composer at the piano."

San Francisco Chronicle


"Taking the classical art song form to a new level..., Elender Wall and Bryant Kong have concocted a simultaneously intelligent and hilarious album. With classic soprano vocals and dancing piano lines, The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld exposes the sheer genius of current day politics."

CD Baby


"Talented, if irreverent, musicians."

"In tones as clear and urgent as those of Maria Callas, [Wall] lets loose a string of arpeggios that roll and dip and wriggle through the theater."

"Opera is often incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the genre. But with lyrics lifted from Lewis Carroll and Mother Goose, Kong and Wall demand little more of their audience than an open mind and sense of humor."

Santa Monica Mirror


"A haunting song, as though time has stopped."

The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA), on "A Confession"

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Photo: Chronicle / Christina Koci Hernandez